AP2HI Support Important Indonesian Tuna Business Events

1 2 3 4 5 6 On 19-20 May 2016 over 200 participants gathered at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali, for the 2nd Bali Tuna Conference (BTC) and 5th International Coastal Tuna Business Forum (ICTBF). The BTC event was

First FIP (Fishery Improvement Project) Meeting in 2016

FIP is crucially needed to improve the fisheries towards a more responsible and sustainable fisheries. In May 18th the first FIP-SC (Fishery Improvement Project-Steering Committee) meeting was held and initiated by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) at

AP2HI head for MSC Certification and Welcome New Members in Second National Conference

On March 28th, AP2HI successfully held their Second National Conference. The total number of participants who attended the conference was 46, including 23 AP2HI members and officials, six AP2HI staff, two prospective members and 12 other invited participants. The conference

AP2HI Continued To Commit In Implementing Training Program for Fishermen in Indonesia

AP2HI is still strongly committed in teaching responsible fishing methods to fishermen in Indonesia. On the 25th-26th January 2016, AP2HI collaborated with UNIDO-Smartfish Project for the training program in Larantuka, Indonesia. Participants from this program consist of local fishermen, including

The Fishermen Training conducted by AP2HI in Kendari Showed Positive Result

On the first week of February 2016 the AP2HI team conducted training for fishermen from PT. Edmar Mandiri Jaya. The training was held in Hotel D' blitz located in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The participants explained it was the first time

Fishermen Training By AP2HI Reaches to Sendang Biru and Sorong

AP2HI aimed to carry out training activities for 500 fishermen pole-and-line and handline from partners of AP2HI members. The training was held in several locations, which located in Sendang Biru and Sorong. This program is the continuation from the previously

AP2HI is Moving Forward in Fisheries and Marine Human Resource Development


Human Resource Development Program has been an important aspect that can not be ignored if we are aiming to improve the quality of maritime and fishery sectors. This is firstly stated in article 57 UU No. 31 2004 which was

Need More Positive Agreement for a better Tuna Fisheries in Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO)


Indonesia is known to be the biggest archipelagoes that have a special connection with tuna fisheries. Tuna are one of the most known local diets in many regions, and have important role to achieve the country’s total fisheries production. Given

Harvest Strategy Implement Fisheries Management Action


The pre-workshop and workshop on Fish Harvest Strategy of yellowfin and skipjack tuna in the regional fisheries management areas (WPP) 713, 714 and 715 was held in 19-20th November, 2015 at Benoa Bali. At the opening speech, Dr. Toni Ruchimat, the

AP2HI Supports Transparency of Tuna Fisheries with Onboard Observer Scheme

Onboard Observer

JAKARTA – In the first week of November 2015, Asosiasi Perikanan Pole&Line dan Handline Indonesia (AP2HI) succeeded in placing an observer on a one-by-one tuna fishing vessel owned by PT. Aneka Sumber Tata Bahari located in Ambon, Indonesia. The Asosiasi Perikanan

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