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Lovering Foods is a leading UK-based value-added supplier of ambient canned goods, founded in 1979. Our product range includes fruit, vegetables, Oriental goods, and seafood, which we sell under our private labels Kingfisher and Royal Line and under many major supermarkets’ own labels. The majority of our trade is in seafood, with circa 50% of that consisting of tuna. Our seafood is sourced internationally from countries such as Thailand, Ghana, Indonesia and the Maldives. Lovering does not own or operate any processing facilities.

We were awarded The Grocer’s Own-Label Ambient Supplier of the Year in 2013 and 2016. (The Grocer is a prominent UK industry publication focused on fast-moving consumer goods [FMCG].) We pride ourselves on our level of in-house expertise, high service levels, quality products and close relationships with suppliers and customers. Lovering supplies 1 out of every 3 own-label tuna cans in the UK and our customers include Waitrose, Morrisons, Aldi, and Lidl.

One of our core values is responsible sourcing and as such, we contribute to fishery improvements in our source countries as much as possible. Lovering Foods is leading FIPs in the Moroccan sardine and Peruvian anchovy fisheries, and is working on a project in the West African pole & line skipjack fishery. We view Indonesia as a responsible, high quality source of pole & line tuna and as we are interested in growing our sourcing from here, we wish to get involved with existing improvement efforts by becoming an AP2HI member.


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