About FIP

FIP (Fisheries Improvement Project) AP2HI is a fishery enhancement program which aims to improve sustainable fishing practices (sustainable fisheries). FIP is developed and implemented by various parties, including the fishery industries, so that they can have a major role in sustainable fisheries. FIP program managed by AP2HI also aims to achieve MSC eco-label certification (Marine Stewardship Council).

The main activities in the FIP program:

  1. Regularly collect the data of catches from all members that run the fishing business;
  2. Regularly collect the data of fishery products from all members that run the processing industies;
  3. Conduct e-logbook trials on board;
  4. Arrange the placement of on-board observers;
  5. Conduct data collection through the port sampling;
  6. Encourage to modulate Tuna Management Plan and Harvest Strategy;
  7. Encourage the establishment and enforcement of FIP Steering Committee;
  8. Conduct collaborations with the government, NGOs and other concerned parties.
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