About PVR

Alt. Penempelan Stiker Kapal

PVR Program (Proactive Vessel Register) is a program of data collection and registration of fishing vessels owned by member companies of AP2HI and fishing vessels owned by individual fishermen supplying the catch for member companies of AP2HI. This program is intended to ensure that all fishing vessels owned by companies under AP2HI are all legal as well as to combat IUU fishing practices.

The fishing vessels from AP2HI members are then registered officially in AP2HI database and also registered internationally in International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) for the shake of transparency which in turn shows that vessels owned by members of AP2HI are not involved in IUU fishing practices. Moreover PVR Program are also created to encourage fishermen to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of PVR compiled by AP2HI, which includes the commitment to implement sustainable and responsible fishing practices, to have willingness to provide necessary data, to treat the protected animals accidentally caught in accordance with the regulation, to prohibit finning on board and not to commit IUU Fishing.

The Activities in the PVR Program are:

  1. Collecting data of AP2HI members’ vessels;
  2. Compiling database of vessels under AP2HI;
  3. Registering vessels of AP2HI members to ISSF;
  4. Registering vessels of AP2HI members to government;
  5. Conducting Internal audit of the vessels owned by AP2HI members to verify vessel database;
  6. Marking the vessels of AP2HI members with AP2HI-logo permanent sticker;
  7. Enforcing SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for fishermen in fishing.
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