About Milkfish Cultivation

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Milkfish Cultivation Program is a trial program testing milkfish for bait. The purpose of this program is to reduce the use of natural baitfish (wild-bait) switching to baitfish produced by the cultivation program in order to be more environmentally friendly. AP2HI has offered this to all its member companies that are interested in developing milkfish cultivation program. Currently, there are two members developing this cultivation program. Those are PT. Radios Apirja Sorong in Sorong that develops milkfish growing method and PT. Samudra Mandiri Sentosa that develops hatchery method.

Currently, Milkfish Cultivation Program focuses on:

  1. Providing input about the fishpond design to grow milkfish;
  2. Providing input about the use of KJA (floating netted-fishpond);
  3. Providing input about plankton cultivation to feed the milkfish;
  4. Assisting the preparation and implementation of both hatchery and milkfish growing method;
  5. Assisting the implementation and analysis of the results of the trial fishing using baitfish from the fish cultivation;
  6. Providing production, mortality and profits analysis;
  7. Helping to arrange business plan for future milkfish cultivation business.
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