About Fisheries Information & Traceability

The FIT Program (Fishery Information and Traceability) is a program that combines FIP Program (Fishery Improvement Project) and PVR (Proactive Vessel Registry). FIT Program aims to encourage the information availability regarding skipjack-tuna fisheries in an integrated database and to improve the traceability system for all member companies of AP2HI. This Integrated information can provide inputs to improve the efficiency of fishing practices and also demonstrate compliance level towards existing regulations. It is necessary to have a good traceability system to demonstrate transparency and also to meet the market demand now and in the future . Additionally, the other objective of this traceability system is the readiness of the companies to face the audit of MSC Chain-of-Custody.

The main activities of the FIT program are:

  1. To collect and to analyze documentations from each member company on a regular basis (the requested documentations are data about vessels, catches, productions, use of bait , etc);
  2. To develop and to manage database recorded by AP2HI;
  3. To give feedback to each member company based on analysis of data submitted;
  4. To facilitate the visits and reviews from the experts related to traceability and MSC Chain-of–Custody;
  5. To prepare member companies to face audit of MSC Chain-of–Custody;
  6. To conduct trials on various types of VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) for vessels owned by member companies;
  7. To provide information regarding auditor of MSC Chain-of-Custody to the member companies;
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