About Capacity Building


Capacity building program aims to increase the capacity of skipjack-tuna fishery stakeholders including fishermen and industries through trainings. It starts from compiling training curriculum, modules and other training materials, which then continues with the training itself. The training is first given to the staff of member companies through TOT (Training of Trainers) and then continues with the training for fishermen.

In the next phase, capacity building program through training courses will broaden its scope by conducting training to the various parties associated with skipjack-tuna fishery industries, as well as to coastal communities. the main objective of AP2HI is to be able to become the center of excellence in the expertise of catching and processing skipjack-tuna for the best quality, as well as to encorce environmentally-friendly fishery practices.

The activities covered in the program of capacity building done by AP2HI are as followings:

  1. To modulate the curriculum for the trainings;
  2. To Prepare supporting training materials such as posters and stickers;
  3. To conduct TOT;
  4. To conduct training for fishermen;
  5. To conduct training for other target groups;
  6. To arrange training activities in cooperation with other agencies;

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