Asosiasi Perikanan Pole and Line dan Hand line (AP2HI – Indonesian Pole and Line and Hand line Fisheries Association) with the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPLNF) held management workshop with the aim to formulate the problem and find a solution and action in to overcome the problem in live bait.

Larantuka as one of the districts in East Nusa Tenggara and this area are one of the biggest pole and line fishing still doing. But they are faced a big problems since 2 years ago about the reduction stock number of live bait and type species. The type of live bait in Larantuka there are four types/species: Tembang (Sardinella spp), Layang (Decapterus spp), Rambeng (Stolephorus spp) and Lure (Stolephorus spp). In 2010 all the species of livebait can be found and fishermen got a lot of stock on the ocean but now the situation are very different and its declining. One of the factors that affect this situation are used of some species live bait to be consumption product of the local community, especially for the type of Tembang (Sardinella spp) and lot of fish are sold in the local market are mature fish female which contains egg . In addition, destructive fishing as bombing activity many still found and do on the East Flores district. Many problem on this case so it necessary to make an action plan to solve the probem.

Main issues that arise along the discussion are: illegal fishing, which is not environmentally friendly as bombing are still doing and become a problem and need an action plan and high control systems; System data, that still needs to be strengthened, both statistically and in collaboration with relevant stakeholders system; The problem of the availability of live bait and keeping the caused factors such as: the number of fishing activity a more bigger intensity with feed availability, Some species of live bait used for various purposes so that there is competition in the use of such consumption, the manufacture of fish meal and live bait; the last issue is the existence of government assistance that are not on target, for example, aid ship unused because of the number of vessels that have been excessive.bait1

Result of this workshop are some recommendations that would be material discussion to the activities proposed in the next step:

  1. Participants at the workshop agreed to develop pole and line fishing and live bait as a priority in East Flores Distric, Sikka district, Kupang district and Lembata district
  2. Controlled system of fishing in East Florest district, Sikka district, Kupang and Lembata district:
  3. Improved system data about data live bait available in the District of East Flores, Sikka and Lembata
  4. Develop a management plan for the live bait fishery East Flores district , Sikka district and Lembata district (May 2015)
  5. Establish and develop working groups live bait fishery in East Flores, Sikka and Lembata district (January 2015), chaired by the respective Head of DKP arrest in East Flores Regency, Sikka and Lembata
  6. Exploring the Potential of live bait alternatives conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), KPDT (3 years)


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