AP2HI Take Positive Steps in Preventing IUU Fishing

August 19, 2015

Asosiasi Perikanan Pole & Line dan Handline Indonesia (AP2HI), together with the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF) from UK, directed the inaugural ceremony for the initation of the Proactive Vessel Registry (PVR) scheme, applying the PVR sticker on ships of PT. Bintang Mandiri Bersaudara in the port of Pelabuhan Perikanan Samudera (PPS), Bitung.

On August 19th 2015, enrolment in the PVR program demonstrates the vessel’s commitment to transparency and sustainability as the scheme verifies the vessel’s credentials and uploads the vessel’s information into the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) database to provide validated information for tuna buyers.

“The AP2HI member companies, have been supporting us for a long time in the efforts of transparency and traceability as part of responsible fishing practices. We expect this inauguration will raise a sense of pride and responsibility of the ship owners and companies that participated in this program” says Heri, PVR Coordinator at AP2HI.

Plakat (Stiker Permanen) Kapal Peserta Program PVRPlaque (Stickers Permanent)

Heri added “We will continue to register all vessels of companies within AP2HI and raise awareness among skippers and fisherman so that each vessel that has been registered, maintains sustainable and responsible fishing practices”.

The Head of Ports on Dioskuri officially applied the PVR sticker to vessel 8 and Secretary General of Directorate General Capture Fisheries from Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (MMAF) likewise awarded Dioskuri 9; the three other ships were done separately because of the fishing trip. To find out more about the PVR scheme please see ipnlf.org/pro-active-vessel-registration-indonesias-small-scale-tuna-fisheries/

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