AP2HI to Support the Development of Bait Management Plan

September 4, 2015

Fish resources in Indonesian Fisheries Management Area Regional of Fishery (WPPNRI) are natural resources controlled by the state and used for the welfare of the people. Therefore, on last Friday (4/9) a meeting was held to facilitate the convergence among the Indonesia Pole and Line and Hand Line Association (AP2HI), the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), WWF, IPB, and BPPL.

The Meeting held at IPB’s Science Park, Taman Kencana, Bogor to discuss about the draft Baitfish Management Plan, which would then form the specific decree of Director of Fisheries Resources Management for the drafting team of bait management plan where AP2HI and P4KSI as the new members.

The meeting was opened by the Head of Sub-Directorate of Territorial Sea and Archipelagic Waters, Directorate of Fish Resources Management , Directorate General of Capture fisheries, MMAF. The meeting concluded that there should be some addition material to the Bait Management Plan (RPP) among others are 1). the type of fishing gears to catch live baitfish; 2). type of baits used in Indonesia; 3). It is related to the area where it is urged to focus more on the waters in which the association could give support by providing required information; 4) there is distinctive information on the use of bait such regulations in Bitung, and the need for a policy regarding placement of lift net in the spawning ground because based on the information lift net also catch juvenile of tuna.

In addition, it is also proposed that there should be more information about mangrove research results that can support the material preparation of the Fisheries Management Plan (FMP), and the need to look for data and information on the socio-economic conditions of fishing communities around Fisheries management Area (FMA). Beside live bait fish from the wild agreed that milkfish can also be used as an alternative bait, and will be included in a FMP concept of live bait. It was also agreed that the FMP coverage of live bait only limited on WPP 713,714,715,716, and 717. Other materials that need to be included, namely the information about the bait to tuna ratio that is still low (1:5) and ideally is at 1:20, and the need for definition on the size of the bait fish for each species.pic RPP umpan 05092015-p1


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