A Discussion Between AP2HI and Greenpeace; Working Towards Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in Indonesia

November 16, 2015

JAKARTA – Asosiasi Perikanan Pole&Line dan Handline Indonesia (AP2HI), held discussions with Greenpeace Indonesia in early October in order to discuss the new Greenpeace report on the tuna canning industry in Indonesia

Greenpeace Indonesia published an assessment report which evaluated Indonesian tuna fishing companies, in order to drive forward a more traceable, sustainable and equitable industry. The assessment was based on information obtained from a survey conducted by Greenpeace Indonesia and information aquired from the company’s websites.

AP2HI staff Yanti Djuar (Chair), Agus A Budhiman (Secretary General) and Kiki Anggraini (General Manager) were joined by AP2HI‘s member companies PT. Bali Maya Permai and PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia, Irna Sari from the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), and Arifsyah M Nasuton and Sumardi Ariansyah from Greenpeace Indonesia to discuss the recent Indonesian tuna assessment.

AP2HI, PT. Bali Maya Permai and PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia were  unsatisfied in the results of the assessment in the report of tuna canning industry in Indonesia. The results were based upon Greenpeace’s survey, which requested a response without providing a technical explaination first. Any company that did not return the survey were assessed as uncooperative and automatically received a poor performance rating. The members agreed that they would be able to respond to the questionaire in future if it was accompanied by a full and technical explanation.

AP2HI and Greenpeace Indonesia discussed the possibility of creating a partnership, so that AP2HI can assist Greenpeace Indonesia by working with its member companies to help them complete the surveys and collect the necessary information. This collaboration would begin by updating information on AP2HI’s member companies in Greenpeace’s blogs and the AP2HI website.

Going forward, AP2HI suggested that Greenpeace conduct this campaign in Indonesia’s neighbouring countries, as tuna is a migratory species, making the management and responsibility cross-region/country. AP2HI and Greenpeace Indonesia will also prepare for a press conference to discuss the status assessment of AP2HI’s member companies and together they will support sustainable tuna fisheries in Indonesia by coordinating with AP2HI and its members to get reliable data for their reports.

Written by: Kirana Agustina

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