Fishermen Training By AP2HI Reaches to Sendang Biru and Sorong

January 31, 2016

AP2HI aimed to carry out training activities for 500 fishermen pole-and-line and handline from partners of AP2HI members. The training was held in several locations, which located in Sendang Biru and Sorong. This program is the continuation from the previously program that was conducted in November-December 2015 with a total of 303 participant.
The aim of the fishermen training was emphasized by Ahmad Isa Ansyori (Training of Trainer Coordinator AP2HI), he said “This is the continuation training program that we have done previously in Bitung, Bacan and Ambon. As an association, we want to provide this training continuously and wish to involve more participants in the future.”

The training program that was held in Sorong had been conducted by collaborating with PT. Radios Aprija Sorong. While in Sendang Biru, the training program was held by collaborating with PT. Hatindo Makmur and PT. Bali Maya Permai. It was also supported by Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) East Java and Government District of Sendang Biru.
The total numbers of participants in PT.Radios Apirja Sorong total participant was 48 fishermen. While in Sendang Biru the total participant was 90 people, consisting of 49 fishermen from PT.Hatindo Makmur and 41 fishermen from PT Bali Maya Permai.
There were several speakers who attended the training program in Sorong. Those speakers were Yuri (trainer and staff PT. Radios Apirja Sorong), Heri (Proactive Vessel Registor Coordinator AP2HI) and Pitoris Tampubolon (Aquaculture Specialist AP2HI). These speakers explained several materials, including handling fish in pole & line vessels, the code of conduct, catch data recording, bait management, and vessel registration. While in Sendang Biru, the speakers who attended the program was Ahmad Isa Ansyori and Heri. These two speakers explained several topics, which are handling fish in handline vessels, the code of conduct, storing the fish in storage, and catch data recording.

During this visits, Heri also had the chance to give a brief introduction of Proactive Vessel Register (PVR). In the end of the visits, Heri and the captain of the vessels were able to mark each vessel from PT. Radios Apirja Sorong, PT.Hatindo Makmur dan PT.Bali Maya Permai. This marking of the vessels will provide AP2HI to improve and help members on their commitment in traceability. Markings the vessel was conducted as form of commitment in improving practices in tuna fishing that are sustainable  

Moreover based on the training, the results showed the fishermen were already aware about the best way of handling fish. However, implementation of data records still need improvement because most of the fishermen are still not accustomed on recording their data.
The fishermen training program aimed to improve the competence of fishermen in understanding methods to achieve the best quality of fishing in order to achieve a good fishery products. This training also aimed to provide newest information and additional knowledge to fishermen and to encourage fishermen to act towards to environmental friendly fishing and start focusing on a better way of handling the fish. Therefore, this program will still be carry out in the future to reach the goals of the training.

Written by: Mila

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