The Fishermen Training conducted by AP2HI in Kendari Showed Positive Result

February 29, 2016

On the first week of February 2016 the AP2HI team conducted training for fishermen from PT. Edmar Mandiri Jaya. The training was held in Hotel D’ blitz located in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The participants explained it was the first time they had participated in this kind of training. They were engaged in the education program to improve their knowledge on standardization in fish handling. From this training, they planned to implement what they had learnt into their fishing activity to improve the quality of their fish and boost their ratings in the global fisheries market.

Heri (AP2HI) who conducted the training, explained there was still difficulty in training the fishermen. He elaborated by saying, “Well most of the fishermen in here only know how to catch the fish but they have little or no knowledge on how to maintain those fish in good quality, such as maintaining the temperature of the fish.”

Knowing this, AP2HI have commissioned several posters for the training program, such as:

  • Handling and the use of bait
  • Code of ethics for fishermen to implement it onboard
  • A proper fishing storage
  • Handling fish onboard; and
  • Tips to avoid fish from contamination.

“Some of these posters were given to the fishermen to make it easier for them to understand the training materials,” said Heri.

The training program also explained the importance of registering fishing vessels in Proactive Vessels Register (PVR) database with AP2HI. The need of registering their vessels in a database is to show they are committed to sustainable fishing practices. In addition, they were also required to comply with government regulations concerning registration of ships and reported catches. “Obtaining a vessel license and finding ways to keep the fish in good quality can always be improved by increasing their coordination with AP2HI,” Heri added.

Written by: Mila

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