Tuna Roundtable Discussed Obstacles on Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) Implementation in Indonesia

August 4, 2016

On 4 August 2016, ISSF (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation) held Tuna Roundtable in Bali. Jesse Marsh as the representative of the ISSF said Tuna Roundtable activity is similar to previous activities, FIP Workshop, except in Tuna Roundtable is more on sharing the obstacles while implement the FIP for Tuna in Indonesia. The Tuna roundtable was divided into two sessions. Morning session was attended by FIP implementers (mostly NGOs) and afternoon session with industry representatives.

Participants who attended the morning session of Tuna Roundtable were 17 participants consisting of AP2HI, Greenpeace Philippines, IPNLF, ISSF, LINI Foundation, MDPI Foundation, PT. Hatfield, SFP, and WWF Indonesia.

According to Heri, FIT (Fishery Information and Traceability) Coordinator at AP2HI, several obstacles were discussed in Tuna Roundtable including lack of knowledge on FIP at community level, lack of significant roles from government for FIP implementation and enforcements are not applied evenly on the ground.

Tuna Roundtable produce solutions to existing problems is by seeking training funds, more intensively approaching and coordinating with the government. Heri explained that with the availability of training funds, association and NGOs can conduct training to the fishermen or members of fishery association on FIP concept and implementation.

At afternoon session, ISSF invited industry representatives who were AP2HI, PT. Intimas Surya, PT. Bali Maya Permai and PT. Pahala Bahari Nusantara. At this session, industry mentioned problems that they are facing recently, which are unpredictable policy/regulation issued by government and lack of raw materials.

“Tuna Roundtable is expected to become one of media in which FIP implementers can share their progress and obstacles and can find solution collectively, so that Tuna FIP implementation in Indonesia could run smoothly and in line with government goals. Other than that, we would like also to hear problem faced by industry thesedays.” Said Heri. (Mila)

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