Assessment of Tuna Supply Chains Among AP2HI Members for MSC Chain of Custody

October 17, 2016

Peter Trott, experts traceability from Fishlistic pay a visit to AP2HI members during September – October 2016 AP2H. This project is a collaborative effort under funding from the Marine Stewardship Council funded Globel Fisheries Sustainability Fund. Peter Trott visit was facilitated by MDPI and also UNIDO SMART-Fish Indonesia Programme, to see the readiness of AP2HI members to obtain MSC Chain of Custody. Peter Trott was doing internal audit to assess the traceability system within supply chains of AP2HI members especially in Kendari, Ambon, Buru and Bitung, focusing in gap analysis. The report would be presented at MSC Chain of Custody workshop at November 7th, 2016 in Bali. It is expected that the results of gap analysis would be beneficial for AP2HI members to help them achieve MSC Chain of Custody.


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