AP2HI Initiating Vessel Tracking System for Small Scale Fisheries

November 1, 2016

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for vessels above 30 GT is a mandatory in Indonesia and AP2HI members have been complied and support the VMS implementation since beginning.  Beyond that, since the majority of AP2HI members are small scale fisheries (under 30 GT), starting March 2016 AP2HI taken new initiative by putting into trial a GPS-based Vessel Tracking System (VTS) at some member fishing vessels.

Once they put the tracking device on vessel, the owner can monitor the movement of vessel at any time and by real time.  This is one of the indications that AP2HI has a full commitment to combat the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing practices by showing that AP2HI member is operating within the authorized areas and using their fishing permit properly.

Until today, the tracking devices have been installed at AP2HI member fishing vessels that belong to PT. Aneka Sumber Tata BahariPT. Chen Woo FisheryPT. Harta Samudra (support by MDPI), and PT. Intimas Surya (support by LINI).

AP2HI is still looking for the VTS provider who offer a reasonable price because it is quite a challenge for scaling up this tracking system within all AP2HI member vessels,  especially we have more than 600 vessels under 5 GT.



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