Increasing technical expertise in Indonesia

August 28, 2018

The MSC, together with the Indonesian Pole & Line and Handline Fisheries Association (AP2HI) and IPNLF-Indonesia hosted a five-day Capacity Building workshop in Jakarta which was offered as a component of the four-year MSC project ‘Fish for Good’. Attended by 30 participants from AP2HI secretariat as well as members of AP2HI, Ministry of Marine and Maritime Affairs (MMAF) staff, e-NGO’s and universities, the workshop’s aim is to increase the technical expertise and understanding amongst Indonesian stakeholders of the MSC Fisheries Standard and how it can be applied as a framework for fisheries improvement. Participants learned how to apply the MSC’s Risk Based Framework in data limited fisheries and how to use the fishery improvement tools to deliver change.

Throughout the workshop best practice case study fisheries are used to illustrate how to meet the requirements of the standard. Challenges to meeting the standard are discussed and actions for improvement are identified. This training is intended for stakeholders whose role in a fishery improvement project (FIP) involves undertaking a gap analysis, developing a fisheries improvement Action Plan, supervising implementation of a FIP and undertaking other specialist activities within a FIP.

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