The 4th AP2HI NATIONAL MEETING took place in Bali on 31st May 2018. The aim of the meeting was to get AP2HI member’s input on the revised Code of Conduct (CoC), formally introduce the new AP2HI members, and provide AP2HI partners with the opportunity to present their projects and findings. The meeting was attended by 20 of the 29-member companies (69%) – a considerable feat for an association of organisations spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago.So, a huge thank you to all who attended.

To kick off the meeting, the BOD secretary of AP2HI, Agus A Budhiman,explained that the rationale for revising the CoC was to strengthen the association, adopt the current condition and to ensure that important measures to help reduce the ecosystem impact from the fisheries, such as waste management on-board vessels, were incorporated.Other important issues discussed included the vessel registration process,data collection on member’s FAD usage and how to facilitate the management process with the government.

As part of the agenda, Jeremy Crawford, Southeast Asia Director of AP2HI’s project partner the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), presented IPNLF’s plan to support AP2HI and its members in the journey towards MSC certification, he also stressed that a key reason for updating the Code of Conduct (CoC) was to strengthen AP2HI. Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, Marine Unit Leader of PT. Hatfield Indonesia presented the findings and recommendation for improving the organisational effectiveness of AP2HI, with the aim to enhance and further optimise the value AP2HI brings to its members.

As the result of the meeting, AP2HI members and the board of directors agreed to expand the scope to the Code of Conduct, including: fishery compliance, fishery operation, FADs, baitfish supply, pollution at sea, FIP, human resources development programme, traceability and to support the organisation to become more professional as an industry association. The newly updated AP2HI code of conduct can now be seen here.

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