AP2HI General Meeting 2018: Members Adopt New Business Plan and Internal Audit Scheme

November 23, 2018

To strengthen AP2HI,  Members endorse a new strategy and business model to secure the long-term sustainability of the organization

On 5th October 2018, AP2HI members gathered in Bitung, North Sulawesi for the biannual General Meeting. The aim of these meetings is to ensure that the association meets its objectives and also to strengthen the coordination and commitment between the members for the pole-and-line and handline tuna Fisheries Improvement Project.

The meeting was attended by 31 participants from AP2HI member companies, AP2HI staff, Ministry of Planning (Bappenas) and International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF). High on the agenda for this meeting was the AP2HI business plan and financial models, the audit model for AP2HI Code of Conducts (the Code of Conduct that was updated at the last meeting).

Agus A. Budhiman (The BOD Secretary of AP2HI) gave the opening speech to start the meeting. He praised AP2HI’s pioneers and the progress the organisation has made. He added that AP2HI’s task is to contribute to Indonesian fisheries by providing support and verified and validated data.

Sri Yanti (Representative from BAPPENAS) gave a presentation about Global Marine Commodities (GMC) Project on sustainable fisheries. This GMC supports the FIP to achieve MSC, and hopes to see greater returns for the sustainable, traceable tuna. She shared insights into the fisheries industry in Indonesia, highlighting that currently the main developments are happening within the country, leaving room to increase exports. Sri Yanti’s advice to the fisheries industry in Indonesia was to reduce imports and increase exports.

Abdul Muis (General Manager, AP2HI) explained what the role of AP2HI will be as the future MSC fishery certificate holder and stressed the need that this creates to ensure that AP2HI is financially sustainable in the long-term so that the MSC certificate can be maintained. Muis introduced the new AP2HI business model and Code of Conduct audit model to members and opened the floor for feedback and discussions on the path forward.

Among other things, AP2HI members also received updates on the development of policy briefs, which is one of the efforts to improve compliance with regulations and show commitment to greater transparency, thus making a positive contribution to the management of the tuna stocks that they target

In closing, the meeting participants agreed to adopt and support the AP2HI business plan, financial models and internal audit scheme to maintain the organization’s effectiveness and activities, including the MSC certification.

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