AP2HI supports fishermen in Bitung to achieve proficiency fish handling and competency.

April 2, 2019

AP2HI in collaboration with the Directorate of Fishing Vessel and Fishing Gears (Direktorat Kapal Perikanan dan Alat Penangkapan Ikan / Dir. KAPI), Director General of Capture Fisheries (Direktorat Jenderal Perikanan Tangkap / DJPT), Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) conducted Training of Proficiency of Fish Handling and Competency of Fishing Gears Operation for fishermen. The training  was held at Auditorium PPS, Bitung, North Sulawesi, 7th – 8th February 2019.

Proficiency and Competency

The purpose of this training was to make fishermen that have proficiency in fish handling. They will also have competency operation of fishing gears. This proficiency becomes important since the current destination country for the export of fishery products demand that fishermen must have the legal evidence. Therefore, AP2HI facilitates all members to get the certificate for their supplying fishermen

What’s on training

In this training, the participant was received material related to the handling of fish and fishing gear. Before the training began, AP2HI’s instructor conducted a pre-test for fisherman in order to know how good their understanding of the training materials. Further, the trainer was teaching in class and it continued with discussion sessions. Instructure provided questions related to the material and appointed fishermen to answer.

In the first day, the material of training was about the proficiency of fish handling. The trainer for the first session was Mrs Herni Onibala who is instructor from SMK Negeri 3 Bitung. She presented the Introduction of the ABCD’s Principle, Introduction Fish Handling Technic on Board and Introduction to Technical of Cold Storage. In the last session, Mr. Mulyadi who is instructure from Balai Pendidikan dan Penelitian Perikanan Bitung, provided material about Fishing Gears Maintenance, Operation and Storage Fishing Gear and how to use GPS for Fishing Operation.

In the last day, Mr. Zulfikar  who is infrastructure  from Directorate of Fishing Vessel and Fishing Gears (Direktorat Kapal Perikanan dan Alat Penangkapan Ikan / Dir. KAPI) described material Introduction Process of Fish Quality Reduction. It was followed with discussion about Personal Hygiene Requirement, the Introduction Regulation of Fishing Gears and placement as well as Introduction Fisher’s Work Agreement and Document. He closed the training with Introduction Figure and Form of Fishing Gears.

Participants Outcomes

All fishermen who joined in this event were happy with the training, besides getting knowledge they also understand the need of legal evidence if they were proficient for handling fish and competent for fishing gear operation. This training accommodated four companies members (PT. Marina Nusantara Selaras, PT. Sari Tuna Makmur, PT. Chen Woo Fishery, and PT. Jaya Bitung Mandiri). They wanted their fishermen to have skills in handling fish. The result of training will improve the method of fish handling on the boat. Moreover, it will maintain the quality of fish from the time of capture, landed up to be processed. Lastly, it will impact on reducing the number of rejected fish and helping the companies to maintain their markets.

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