AP2HI Aims for Second Tranche UoAs to MSC Certify

December 27, 2019

Building off the momentum from fishery improvement efforts that have led to eight AP2HI fisheries entering into the MSC certification process, AP2HI and its partners will look to take a second tranche of supply-chains, or Units of Assessment (UoAs), into MSC certification in the coming years.  Given that the fisheries performance is on par with the MSC environmental standard and funding is available to undergo the full assessment process, companies involved in the second tranche UoAs can expedite their MSC certification goals. Current UoAs for consideration in the second tranche UoAs include:

  • Southeast Sulawesi skipjack pole-and-line
  • Southeast Sulawesi yellowfin pole-and-line
  • Southeast Sulawesi yellowfin handline
  • West Papua yellowfin handline

These fisheries are currently in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) and publicly reported on a third party website, Fishery Progress, whom independently review and verify the progress of FIPs around the world. All AP2HI FIPs are Comprehensive and rated “A – Advanced Progress”. AP2HI FIP profiles on Fishery Progress can be found in the links below:

We encourage companies associated with these fisheries whom wish to see their supply chains included in the second tranche UoAs to get in contact with AP2HI or engage through the FIP profiles reported on Fishery Progress.

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