Training and Socialization of Sustainable Fisheries and KUSUKA Cards for AP2HI Fishermen in Sorong

December 20, 2020

(8/7) Sorong. AP2HI held training and socialization for Pole and Line Fishermen in Sorong. This event is fully supported by AP2HI member company, namely PT. Radios Apirja Sorong, and attended by 26 participants consisting of 6 company’s staffs, and 20 fishermen. During the event, a team member from AP2HI, Alfian Trendy Aprianto, delivered material on sustainable fisheries, fishermen code of conducts, socialization of Identification and Handling of Endagered, Threatened & Protected Species (ETP), and KUSUKA Card. In addition, the AP2HI team also helped provide training related to the Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP) and good practices on main-catch handling.

The purpose of this event is for developing awareness, broadening insights and increasing the concern of the captains and crews on Pole and Line ships in conducting environmentally friendly fishing practices in order to realize sustainable fisheries.

KUSUKA Card has several functions, namely as a sign of professional identity of business actors in the Marine and Fisheries sector; as a database to facilitate the protection, empowerment, service and development of Business Actors in the Marine and Fisheries sector; and as a means for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Ministry’s program. In the registration process of KUSUKA card, the Captains and crews on pole and line ships are also assisted by extension workers from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

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