AP2HI Received Appreciation from the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

March 5, 2021

25/2. AP2HI’s success in obtaining MSC certification has received appreciation from the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MKP), Sakti Wahyu Trenggono in a meeting held in the MKP meeting room last Thursday.

In the meeting, the Minister Sakti stated that the success of AP2HI had to be maintained so that the fish caught by AP2HI members remained traceable and good in quality.

Competition between fishing gears and their environmental impacts needs to be regulated. Therefore, AP2HI and MKP in the meeting discussed several matters related to Harvest Strategy (HS) and Harvest Control Rules (HCR) for Tuna and Skipjack Fisheries

On the occasion, Mrs. Janti, Chair of AP2HI, explained that the fishery sector was an important contributor to national food security and employment in Indonesia. Recent research ranks Indonesia as the eighth most fish-dependent nation in the world, as measured by its dependence on fish that produces animal protein.

Mrs. Janti stated that small-scale fishermen are a community entity that is too LARGE and SIGNIFICANT to not to be thought about.

“If it is not managed properly, it will be a problem, but if it is managed properly, it will be a way to improve welfare and reduce poverty in coastal communities,” she said.

Mrs. Janti also said that 5% of total tuna consumption globally comes from Pole and Line of which the demand is expected to increase in key market areas where the countries are priority markets for Pole and Line tuna products.

With AP2HI’s success in achieving MSC, certified Indonesian fisheries are expected to obtain a number of socio-economic benefits, including higher income, more profitable partnerships and good cooperation with the government.

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