AP2HI Launches the MSC Dashboard

March 22, 2021

AP2HI launches the online platform “MSC Dashboard” on msc.indonesiantuna.com to be used by AP2HI’s 1st tranche MSC Members and related stakeholders. This is an effort of AP2HI, supported by USAID OCEANS project and IPNLF as a client of MSC certified fisheries to take an active role in monitoring its members’ traceability of fish supply chains who are in the 1st tranche of the certification.

This MSC dashboard also makes it easier for stakeholders to check, through the Verification column, that the MSC products of AP2HI members which are claimed to have good supply chain traceability have indeed met the good traceability aspect.

The existence of the MSC Dashboard is expected to increase transparency, effectiveness and certainty for Members who wish to claim their products as MSC products. Previously, on December 4, 2020, AP2HI socialized how to use the MSC Dashboard to AP2HI’s 1st tranche MSC Members.

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