AP2HI FIP Expands to the Western Area of Indonesia

July 15, 2021

AP2HI has expanded the Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP) program activities in the Western Area of ​​Indonesia especially in Aceh Province in order to continue its commitment to sustainable fisheries, so of course a consistent improvement activity is needed.


The AP2HI members involved in the Aceh FIP are PT Winson Prima Sejahtera (WPS), PT Aceh Lampulo Jaya Bahari (ALJB), PT. Medan Tropical Canning & Frozen Industry (M   TCI), and PT Era Mandiri Cemerlang (EMC). These four members are committed to fully supporting the FIP ​​activities in the Aceh region. This

Meeting with the Province Fisheries Agency of Aceh in order to introduce FIP AP2HI

commitment is contained in a collective agreement that was signed in May 2021.


Long before in December 2020, the AP2HI team conducted a site visit to Aceh with the main objective of conducting an assessment of the Unit of Assessment (UoA) in Aceh. In addition, the AP2HI team also introduced the AP2HI FIP Program which will be implemented in Aceh to the Province Fisheries Agency ofAceh, represented by the Secretary and Head of the Capture Division, and to the Head of the Lampulo Ocean Fishing Port (PPS).


Installation of Time Lapse Camera (one of FIP AP2HI activities)

To support the implementation of the FIP program, AP2HI has started to recruit the Aceh Field Staff (FS) since last June. It is hoped that with full support from the members, stakeholders and field staff, the Aceh FIP program can run well.

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