MMAF Will Increases The Capacity of the Number of Indonesian Observers

September 17, 2021

Jakarta (15/9). In order to increase the number of observers in Indonesia, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) has organized “Education and Training of Prospective Observers”.

On this event AP2HI presented material about the monitoring protocol for observer on board on pole and line vessels, developed collaborativelly by AP2HI, IPNLF and MMAF.

The delivery of the material is needed to ensure that the data taken by the observers on the pole &line vessel has the same data quality standards to be used in supporting the Management of Indonesian Tuna Fisheries or for the purposes of the Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP AP2HI) and eco-label certification.

AP2HI’s participation is part of a series of training events for prospective observer, organized by MMAF for 6 days (14-17 September 2021) at BPPP Tegal in collaboration with several partners such as IPNLF Indonesia Foundation, MDPI and Mitra Tuna Lestari.

20 candidates for observer participated in this training. Training activities carried out include theories in the classroom and practices in the field such as fish identification practices.

Currently MMAF has 80 registered observer’s, and the need for Indonesian observers is currently increasing along with the increasing number of FIP activities towards eco-label certification.

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