AP2HI Joint Webminar Socialization of Fishing Permits

September 27, 2021

Jakarta (9/21). There is a change in national policy in the fishing business licensing system in Indonesia, so stakeholders who are members of the Tuna Fisheries Co-Management Committee (KPBP) need a more detailed explanation of the various provisions that apply in the field of fishing business.

This is necessary to facilitate fishermen and industry in carrying out fishing practices responsibly by utilizing market opportunities.

Some of the things conveyed in the third webminar series, held by Yayasan Masyarakat Dan Perikanan Indonesia is about the Measurable Fishing Policy Overview delivered by the Director General of Capture Fisheries, M Zaini; Business License Subsector of Fishing and Business License Subsector of Fish Transport delivered by Ir Erni Widjajanti, Mag.Buss; Business License Subsector of Fish Handling and Fish Transport delivered by Muhammad Idnilah; and the Government Regulation No. 85 of 2021 concerning Types and Rates on Types of Non-Tax State Revenues Applicable to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

DG of Capture Fisheries, M Zaini said that Indonesia’s measurable capture policy will be built with ecological and economic considerations in mind. Driving factors include to maintain ecological sustainability; in accordance with the characteristics of fishery resources which are jointly owned resources; there is an opportunity to increase fishing production; regulations are needed that ensure the sustainable use of fish resource;  and to increase PNBP.

The application of this policy includes setting: a) the fishing ground; b) the number of fish that can be caught based on the quota of production volume; c) the fishing season; d) the number and size of the vessels; e) type of fishing gear; f) Fishing port as a fish landing / demolition site; g) the use of local ABK; h) domestic market supply and fish exports must be carried out from the designated WPP port; i) the number of business actors, by imposing a contract system for a certain period of time.

With this new policy, Zaini expected that the creation of industry and employment, such as the increasing development of local fishermen in fishing efforts, getting a clean and well-managed modern port, port activities that can run smoothly, and eventually become a fishing industry.

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