AP2HI Attends National Coordinating Forum on Fish Resource Management

October 12, 2021

(26/9) Jakarta. AP2HI has attended the National Coordinating Forum on Fish Resource Management organized by the Directorate General of Catch Fisheries, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, on September 26 – 30, 2021.

In the event, Janti Djuari as chairwoman of AP2HI said that related to the latest WPP rules, it should pay deeper attention to fishing activities that are proven to be environmentally friendly such as one-by-one fisheries.

“With the MSC certificate, we are trying to be able to catch fish while still paying attention to the sustainability of fish stocks but still able to improve the economy for small sector fishermen,” she said.

She also said that currently AP2HI has facilitated the establishment of a Fisheries Co-Management Committee (FCMC) chaired by the Head of the local Fisheries Agency, and consists of academics, private sector, fishermen, local and central governments as a means of communication to realize the implementation of better fisheries management for the sustainability of fish stocks and businesses that will ultimately lead to welfare in good fisheries management.

Responding to this, the DJPT KKP said that the information from stakeholders will be used as the next stage to create a new policy that certainly does not harm fishermen.

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