Positive Impact of Handline Tuna Vessel Registration Program in Sabang City, Aceh

January 16, 2023

Up until early 2023, as many as 200 Handline Tuna (<5GT) vessels had been measured and issued Pas Kecil in Sabang City, Aceh. This achievement is the fruit of enthusiasm from stakeholders in Sabang City after AP2HI conducted a ship registration program for 31 ships in its supply chain in November 2022. Stakeholders feel the need to register all fishing vessels in their area in order to facilitate recording of fleet and catch for sustainable fisheries management.

For the Fishers, these vessel documents ownership can guarantee they are tuna fishers who have legal vessels and can access subsidized fuel. The products they catch have traceability and are recognized by the market. This shows that Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP), in the case of vessel registration, has a positive impact no matter how small the activity.

AP2HI really appreciates the enthusiasm and achievements of tuna fisheries stakeholders in Sabang City including: Class IV Sabang KSOP, Sabang City DKP, Panglima Laot, suppliers, Sabang tuna fishermen, Local District and Village governments and Sabang City DKP Fisheries Extension.

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