AP2HI Launched Human Rights and Social Responsibility Materials on One-By-One Tuna Supply Chain

March 27, 2023

FisheryProgress is an institution that provides information on the progress of fisheries improvement globally. Fisheries improvement is implemented based on 3 basic principles: fisheries sustainability, environmental impact and effectiveness of fisheries management.

In May 2021, FisheryProgress added a new principle regarding Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy. This new principle is to help identify and reduce the risk of human rights violations (in this case, workers in fisheries supply chain). Also encourage buyers to start paying attention, make wise decision when purchasing fishery products that focuses on environmental impact and sustainability of fisheries, and social aspects of workers in fisheries.

As an effort to protect the workers in fisheries industry and assist their members to gain greater market access, AP2HI has participated as an early adopter in the 4th principle of FisheryProgress since November 2021. Currently, AP2HI continues to disseminate information on human rights and Social Responsibility to the workers in the member’s fishery supply chain, from fishers, suppliers to company employees. Socialization has been carried out periodically to stakeholders since January 2021.


In February 2023, AP2HI launched materials on Human Rights and Social Responsibility originally adapted from FisheryProgress and made it more accessible and easily understood by fishery actors in member’s supply chain. The material produced for this activity is fully supported by Sustainable Fisheries Fund (SFF) Program from Resources Legacy Fund (RLF), which comes from David and Lucile Packard Foundation. In its implementation, we also cooperate with Destructive Fishing Watch Indonesia (DFW) in promoting a violation complaint hotline that can be accessed by all fishery actors through the National Fisheries Center (NFC) program, as a form of compliance in implementing the 4th FisheryProgress principle on providing grievance mechanism for fisheries.

Please visit this link to access this materials.

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