About us


Indonesian Pole & Line and Handline Fisheries Association (AP2HI) is founded on the needs of the pole & line and handline industry players to unite their aspiration in a legal organization. It was formally established in 2012 in the International Coastal Tuna Business Forum (ICTBF). AP2HI was formally inaugurated in 2014 in the event of the 3rd International Coastal Tuna Business Forum (ICTBF) held in Jakarta.

What we do

As one of the largest global tuna suppliers, pole & line and handline industry in Indonesia has helped supporting the coastal communities to earn their living. AP2HI membership ranges in all tuna processing chain in Indonesia, both from fishermen and fishing companies to the processing industry. Our efforts in supporting sustainable fishery are done by actively innovating the industry to keep improving on its efficiency so as to meet the demand and regulations in the international market. We also encourage the use of natural resources owned by Indonesia in a fair, transparent, and sustainable way.

Our vision

AP2HI’s vision is pioneering tuna fisheries development through an ecosystem approach for business and society and to achieve sustainable fisheries.

Our mission
  1. To raise aspirations from the members so that they manage to carry out fair and sustainable fishery.
  2. To promote pole & line and handline fishery as a catch method that has good opportunity to get ecolabel certification.
  3. As a dialogue partner between the government and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in developing pole & line and handline fisheries in Indonesia.
  4. To help expanding specific markets for pole & line and handline products.
  5. To bridge the upstream-downstream fishery system for pole & line and handline products based on traceability principles as stipulated in the FIP (Fisheries Improvement Project).
Organization Chart

 Board Of Directors

Janti Djuari


Dr. Luky Adrianto


Abrizal Ang


Robert Tjoanda

Vice Chairman

Agus A Budhiman


Kuntoro Kusno



Ilham Alhaq

Project Manager

Meysella Anugrah

FIT Coordinator

Omega Sambuaga

Field Staff North Sulawesi


Field Staff Southeast Sulawesi

Iis Widiani

Office Manager

Prayoga M. Huda

FIT Coordinator


Field Staff North Sulawesi

La Raisi

Field Staff Southeast Sulawesi

Alfian Mustopa

Database Management Coordinator

Dinda Muthi Selina

Information Communication Technology Officer

Riyanto Umabaihi

Field Staff Maluku

Alfian Apriyanto

Field Staff West Papua

Nuriasih Nababan

Communication & Liaison Coordinator

Meify Diana L.

Coastal Community Empowerment Coordinator

Kosmas Keli

Field Staff East Nusa Tenggara

Bambang Ali Akbar

Field Staff West Nusa Tenggara

Jorica Mei Shein

Admin & Secretary

M. Rizkal Nahrawi

Field Staff North Maluku

Louis Andre Ginto

Assistance Fair Trade Initiative