PT. Bina Nelayan Jaya

PT. Bina Nelayan Jaya was established in February 2020—as a continuation of a previous company called PT. Bandar Nelayan Jayawijaya which had been operating since 2016—when the businesses of several fishery entrepreneurs in the city of Sorong were acquired and merged leaving only one fisheries company in the city.

This company is located within the Coastal Fisheries Port Complex of Sorong City, West Papua, and for five years has been embracing local fishermen who operate in the fishing area around ​​West Papua and in the Pacific Ocean where they contribute to the protection of the fisheries and marine ecosystems of Indonesia by adhering to good and proper fishing procedures.

PT. Bina Nelayan Jaya purchases tuna, and pelagic and demersal types of fish, which are then processed, by filleting and freezing, before being marketed domestically both to Java (Jakarta and Surabaya) and abroad, namely Singapore and Taiwan.

The entire production process is carried out according to the quality standards set by the relevant agencies in the field of quality control and the local Fisheries Office. And every quarter there is an inspection for surveys and supervision of the company’s performance. Therefore, in 2020, the company was able to receive a Production Feasibility Certificate (SKP) and a HACCP Certificate.

PT. Bina Nelayan Jaya is always striving to select the best quality fish – according to the grade requested by the buyers – and process them using experienced skilled employees and modern equipment to produce frozen and fresh pelagic/demersal fish products that are good quality, healthy and hygienic.


  • GMP

Product range

  • Yellowfin Tuna

Established year


Number of employees


Product Details

Fresh Pelagic Fish (Scomberomorus sp.)
Fresh Grouper Fish (Epinephelus sp.)
Frozen Pelagic Fish
Frozen Demersal Fish
Yellowfin Tuna (Frozen loin)

FIP Activities

  • Data Collection
  • Investment for Sustainability
  • Port Sampling
  • Sustainability Code of Conduct
  • Time Lapse Camera
  • Training for Fishermen
  • Vessel Registration
  • Vessel Tracking System


Fisheryprogress Profile

  • Indonesia Western and Central Pacific Ocean Yellowfin Tuna - Handline


Company details


+62 951-3123862


Contact person

Sintya Ratulangi

+62 812-8800-0898; +62 821-8862-3397



Kompleks Pelabuhan Perikanan, Jalan Cakalang RT.001 RW.001, Sorong, West Papua

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