PT. Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries

Our Vision of Growth: By applying extensive human resource development and sustainable marine resource management, DSFI seeks to continually provide better returns for local fishermen, which strengthens Indonesia’s fishing fleets.
Through good corporate governance and responsible handling of Indonesia’s abundant seafood resources, DSFI strives to maintain its status as a competitive and sustainable seafood producer. Our long-term goal is to be recognized as the most effective and efficient company in Indonesia’s fishing sector.

Vision: Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries aims to expand its customer base by developing new sales outlets and networks in the export market around the world. Alongside this vision of growth, we have a sincere commitment to maintaining the sustainability of Indonesia’s marine resources and protecting them for the future generations.

Mission: To build mutual relationships with fishermen and coastal communities in the Archipelago, the company does operational cooperation with the suppliers in order to cut the production costs and produce best quality products which are in line with market demands. To become an economic player and a seafood product processor that has competitive advantages, sustainability, and capability to give optimal benefit for the company and all related parties, the company cooperates with government bodies in order to develop Indonesia’s economic and social welfare.


  • BRC
  • GMP

Product range

  • Loin/steak/saku

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Bit and Pcs
Steak Vac Pack

FIP Activities

  • Data Collection
  • Investment for Sustainability
  • Port Sampling
  • Sustainability Code of Conduct
  • Training for Fishermen
  • Vessel Registration


Fisheryprogress Profile

  • Indonesia Western and Central Pacific Ocean Yellowfin Tuna - Handline


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+62 21 4300156


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Agung Budyanto, Husny Farid

+62 21 4300156



Jl. Laksamana R. E. Martadinata Tj. Priok Kota Jkt Utara DKI Jakarta 14310 Indonesia

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