PT. Laut Biru Seafood

PT Laut Biru Seafood (LBS), is a newly established tuna processing company, supported by Meloy Fund. We process our product from a dedicated manufacturing plant in Bitung North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Products are high quality yellowfin tuna loins, saku blocks, steaks, ground meat and cubes. Our products can be fresh-chilled, frozen, CO-treated and non-treated tuna.

At LBS, our procurement team is fully committed to procuring 100 % of our fish from Handline Fisheries.

We are fully in compliance with all the government regulations regarding IUU regulations that translate through the necessity of a Catch Certificate from all the fish that we process.


  • FDA
  • GMP
  • MSC Chain of Custody
  • MSC Fishery

Product range

  • Big Eye Tuna
  • Yellowfin Tuna

Established year


Number of employees


Product Details

Yellowfin Tuna Frozen (Saku, Steak, Cube. Loin, Groundmeat)
Yellowfin Tuna Fresh Loin
Bigeye Tuna

FIP Activities

  • Data Collection
  • Investment for Sustainability
  • Port Sampling
  • Sustainability Code of Conduct
  • Training for Fishermen
  • Training for Staff
  • Vessel Registration


Fisheryprogress Profile

  • Indonesia Western and Central Pacific Ocean Yellowfin Tuna - Handline


Company details


+62 438 2230671


Contact person

Imanudin | Christy Lahete

+62 812-9918-552 | +62 813-5546-4449

Email: |


Jalan Lumba-Lumba Lingkungan IV, RT 001 RW 004
Kelurahan Girian Bawah, Kecamatan Girian
Bitung, North Sulawesi 95542

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