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Tri Marine provides transparent, cost-effective supply chain solutions globally for tuna and tuna products through its vertically integrated group of companies. Supply starts with tuna from the company’s owned, affiliated and contract fleets processed through owned or contract plants, with support from Trim Marine’s global network of commercial offices.

Tri Marine’s wholly owned subsidiary National Fisheries Developments Ltd. Owns and operates a fleet of four MSC-certified pole-and-line vessels operating from its base in Noro, Solomon Islands. In addition, Tri Marine works with trusted suppliers to source fully traceable pole-and-line and handline tuna from Indonesia.

Tri Marine is a leader in fishing sustainability initiatives that emphasize collaboration with stakeholders in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. This commitment to sustainability extends to the company’s environmental and social practices. Tri Marine is one of the founding members of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation. It co-chairs the Tuna Sub-Group of the Seafood Task Force, applying the Seafood Task Force Code of Conduct to its suppliers globally. Tri Marine is also the first tuna company to join Global Ghost Gear Initiative. Tri Marine sources and promotes responsibly-caught tuna from well managed fisheries which are MSC certified or engaged in robust Fisheries Improvement Projects.

Tri Marine is a privately held company, with corporate headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. Since its founding in 1972, Tri Marine has grown to be one of the largest tuna supply companies in the world, serving well-known brands, as well as processing plants and fishing companies.


  • Earth Island Institute
  • Fair Trade USA
  • Friend of the Sea

Product range

  • Canned Tuna
  • Tuna Cooked Loin
  • Tuna Whole Round

Established year


Number of employees

58 (Singapore Office)

Product Details

Skipjack Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna
Bigeye Tuna
Albacore Tuna

Whole round (frozen/ultra-low temperature frozen)
Cooked loins (frozen)
Finished goods (cans, pouches)

FIP Activities

  • Investment for Sustainability
  • Sustainability Code of Conduct


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Amanda Hamilton




15 Fishery Port Road, Jurong, Singapore 619735

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