MSC AP2HI Dashboard Socialization


February 7, 2020


February 7, 2020

One of the agreements obtained from members while Musyawarah Nasional last July 2019, that to meet Full Assessment (FA) MSC costs for members who receive direct benefits from products that have been labeled MSC for MSC certificate management, is to impose MSC Usage Fees for both Pole&Line and Handline products.

And because of the complexity of the supply chain flow from the fishing businesses of AP2HI members, it requires a tool / technology that can be operated quickly and accurately. Based on this reason, AP2HI, in collaboration with IPNLF, Marine Change and Altermyth developed a dashboard for the verification system called

In this activity, AP2HI and partners will socialize the AP2HI MSC dashboard to members.


Sosialisasi Dashboard MSC AP2HI


PT. Nutrindo Fresfood Internasional Meeting Room
Lingkungan I, Kel. Tanjung Merah, Bitung, North Sulawesi



Alfian Mustopa (email:
Sekretariat AP2HI (email:


Each invited companies is expected to assign one staff as admin to operate MSC dashboard and one staff in that incharge of traceability / export-import in companies. Participants who are present in this workshop, are also expected to bring laptops.


09.00 WITA - finish