Capacity building

Our Capacity Building

Through our capacity building program, we aim to increase the capacity of skipjack-tuna fishery stakeholders,  including fishermen and industries, to enhance the quality, efficiency and sustainability of their practices.

We have compiled training curriculum, modules and other training materials based on international good practices. The training is executed in the following phases:

  1. The training is first given to the staff of members companies through TOT (Training of Trainers)
  2. Training for fishermen on:
    1. Maintaining the quality of fish on board
    2. Improving efficiency in using baits
    3. Catch data collection and
    4. Code of ethics of environmentally friendly fishing practices.
  3. Extension to other parties associated with skipjack-tuna fishery industries and coastal communities.

It is our mission to become the center of excellence in the expertise of catching and processing skipjack-tuna for the best quality, as well as to enforce environmentally-friendly fishery practices.

Interested to learn more?

Interested to learn more?