Fisheries Information & Traceability

Our Fisheries Information & Traceability

The FIT Program (Fishery Information and Traceability) is a program that combines FIP Program (Fishery Improvement Project) and PVR (Proactive Vessel Registry). FIT Program aims to encourage the information availability regarding skipjack-tuna fisheries in an integrated database and to improve the traceability system for all member companies of AP2HI.


  • It is necessary to have a good traceability system to demonstrate transparency and to meet the market requirements in international markets
  • This Integrated information provides inputs to improve efficiency of fishing practices and demonstrates compliance levels towards existing regulations.
  • It enhances the readiness of the companies to pass the audit of MSC Chain-of-Custody.

The main activities of the FIT program are:

  1. To collect and to analyze documentations from each member company on a regular basis (the requested documentations are data about vessels, catches, productions, use of bait , etc);
  2. To develop and to manage database recorded by AP2HI;
  3. To give feedback to each member company based on analysis of data submitted;
  4. To facilitate the visits and reviews from the experts related to traceability and MSC Chain-of–Custody;
  5. To prepare member companies to face audit of MSC Chain-of–Custody;
  6. To conduct trials on various types of VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) for vessels owned by member companies;
  7. To provide information regarding auditor of MSC Chain-of-Custody to the member companies;

Support our FIT program:

Support our FIT program: